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Am I a Candidate for Smile Makeover?

November 7, 2023
Am I a Candidate

You’re not alone if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile. According to a survey the American Association of Orthodontists commissioned, approximately one-third of American adults share your feelings.

You may not have to live with a smile you’re less-than-satisfied with. A cosmetic dentist could provide you with a smile makeover that dramatically improves your confidence.

The best way to learn whether you’re a candidate for a smile makeover is to consult with a cosmetic dentist. They can evaluate your teeth and determine what services and treatments you may need. However, while you wait to see a dentist to learn more about this topic, the following guide should help you better understand whether you may benefit from cosmetic dentistry services.

Signs You’re a Candidate for a Smile Makeover

It’s important to understand that “smile makeover” is merely a general term for the improvements a cosmetic dentist can make to your smile. The treatments that one patient’s smile makeover consists of may not be the same as another patient’s. 

Reasons you might be a candidate for a smile makeover include the following:

Stained Teeth

Teeth can become stained for a variety of reasons, from drinking tea to smoking. Although there is no shortage of whitening kits and toothpastes available over-the-counter, to achieve ideal results, you’re likely better off scheduling a professional teeth whitening treatment with a cosmetic dentist. They use tools and techniques that consumer products can’t match.

Cracked or Misshapen Teeth

Are any of your teeth cracked or otherwise damaged? If the damage is severe, a dentist may recommend extracting the tooth and replacing it with a dental implant. You may also be a good candidate for dental implant treatment if you’re already missing teeth and wish to restore your smile.

If the dentist doesn’t find the damage is severe enough to justify extractions, they may recommend veneers instead. A veneer is a porcelain shell that resembles the front of a natural, healthy tooth. A cosmetic dentist can bond a veneer to the front of a damaged tooth to conceal it.

A cosmetic dentist might also suggest veneers if any of your teeth are significantly misshapen. A veneer can make it appear as though all your teeth are the perfect shape and size.

Missing Teeth

Again, if you’re currently missing any teeth, a smile makeover can involve replacing them with dental implants. Or, you may replace missing teeth with a bridge. You might consider this option if you’re missing multiple teeth that would normally be adjacent to one another in the same row.

Asking a Dentist About a Smile Makeover

The difference between a basic cosmetic dentistry treatment and a smile makeover is simply the scale of the work. If someone is unhappy with the look of their smile for reasons that may require a combination of several treatments to address, they might be a candidate for a smile makeover. In some instances, a smile makeover even involves replacing most or all of a patient’s teeth.

A cosmetic dentist can determine whether you need a smile makeover by closely examining your teeth and assessing your general oral health. Remember, while you may not be happy with your smile now, by undergoing treatment, you could change this, enjoying years of confidence and attractiveness.

Learn More About Getting a Smile Makeover in Natick, Massachusetts

At Chang Dental Group, in Natick, MA, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about smile makeovers. Contact us online or call us at 508-653-0444 to request an appointment.

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