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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Natick

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Chang Dental Group provides sleep apnea & snoring treatment in Natick, MA. Contact us today for more information about our dental services.

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What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects your breathing while you sleep. When lying down the soft tissues of your mouth and throat relax and obstruct your airway. Snoring is a common sign of sleep apnea. You may even stop breathing for seconds during the night until your brain registers the lack of oxygen and rouses you from sleep to change positions and open your airway. These frequent interruptions to your natural sleep cycles prevent you from getting quality sleep.

Signs You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment

You may have sleep apnea that requires treatment if:

  • You snore. If you’ve been told that you snore when you sleep, you probably suffer from sleep apnea. Snoring is caused by the vibrations of the soft tissues of your mouth and throat as air passes over them when you breathe in and out. It indicates that your airway is partially obstructed.
  • You feel tired during the day. You may suffer from sleep apnea if you feel tired despite getting a reasonable amount of sleep each night. If you’re sleeping 7-8 hours each night and you still feel tired, you may not be getting quality sleep due to sleep apnea.
  • You lack energy. A lack of energy often results from poor-quality sleep. The frequent rousing due to snoring and breathing problems prevent you from reaching the deep level of sleep necessary to feel rejuvenated.
  • You doze off frequently. If you easily fall asleep in front of the TV, during meetings, or while traveling even short distances in a vehicle, you may be lacking quality sleep due to sleep apnea.
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Why Choose Chang Dental Group?

Expert Care - Excellent Results

When it comes to snoring and sleep apnea, a dentist can provide alternative treatment to the traditional CPAP. Chang Dental Group specializes in snoring and sleep apnea treatment, providing custom snore guards that are comfortable and compact for travel. Putting an end to your snoring and getting better quality sleep may be easier than you thought. Consult with us about your symptoms and we’ll provide a recommendation for treatment.

Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is typically treated in one of two ways:

  • Snore guard. A snore guard is an oral appliance you can wear at night that positions your jaw and tongue in a way that keeps your airway open. It can prevent snoring and breathing problems from sleep apnea.
  • CPAP machine. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. A CPAP machine consists of a mask you wear over your nose and mouth connected to a machine that provides a continuous flow of air into your airway to prevent blockages.
  • You are not able to wear the prescribed CPAP by your doctors. According to studies, 60% of patients drop off using CPAP after 1 st year, and more drop off after 2nd year. This is not good for your overall health.

Many patients find relief from sleep apnea with a snore guard and prefer the comfort, portability, and quiet over the bulky, discomfort, and noise of a CPAP machine. Some patients may still require a CPAP machine due to severe or specific sleep apnea symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a snore guard comfortable?

We can create a custom snore guard for you that is made to fit your mouth comfortably. It may take a few days to get used to wearing a snore guard, but once you see how much better you feel, you’ll never want to sleep without it.

Is a snore guard effective?

Yes, according to studies, 80% of patients improve their sleep scores with snore guards.

Is a snore guard an alternative to a CPAP machine?

Yes. A snore guard is also effective at opening your airway. If you are unable to wear CPAP to sleep, please consult with our doctors to have a custom snore guard created for you.

Is it necessary to treat sleep apnea?

Absolutely yes. Sleep apnea can cause significant damage to your overall health. You could have sleep apnea and go without treatment, but the lack of quality sleep will eventually take its toll. Even if you live alone and your snoring isn’t bothering anyone else, it is affecting your health in ways you may not be aware of. Sleep apnea is linked to a variety of cardiovascular diseases including high blood pressure, heart attacks, and other heart-related problems.

Is sleep apnea treatment covered by insurance?

A snore guard may not be covered by your dental insurance. Occasionally it may be covered by your medical insurance. Contact your insurance providers for more information about your plans and coverage.

Why see a dentist for sleep apnea oral appliances?

Only dentists can provide you with oral appliance therapy. Your physician can provide you with a CPAP machine. The type of treatment you’re interested in may be the determining factor in who you seek diagnosis and treatment.

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