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November 22, 2023
Chang Dental Group Wins Awards

Chang Dental Group has been voted a Neighborhood Fave in 2023 on Nextdoor! Neighborhood Faves is a celebration of local businesses that have distinguished themselves in the field of services they provide. In Natick, Massachusetts and the surrounding area, Chang Dental Group is a top rated dental practice by the community they serve.  About Change […]

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November 20, 2023
Can Invisalign Fix an Overbite?

An overbite is one of the most common orthodontic conditions. It occurs in the vast majority of patients who require orthodontic treatment and it can be corrected successfully. There are a few different types of orthodontic treatment, but the two main ones are Invisalign and braces. The extent and type of your orthodontic conditions will […]

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November 11, 2023
The Most Important Criteria To Choose Your Dentist

Are you looking for a dentist? Whether you are dissatisfied with your current dentist, you’ve moved, or your insurance has changed, choosing a dentist can be a challenge. That is, unless you know what to look for. Here are the top criteria to consider when choosing a dentist.  Experience  One of the most important qualities […]

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November 10, 2023
Am I a Candidate for Snore Guard?

Do you snore most nights? Snoring is something you may not be aware of because it occurs while you are sleeping. Most people are made aware of their snoring by their spouse, partner, or roommate. If you live alone, your own snoring may wake you up frequently, alerting you to the fact.  The good news […]

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November 9, 2023
Am I A Candidate for Dental Veneers?

For many dental patients, dental veneers are a transformative solution to a smile they have always wanted. Not only do veneers enhance the appearance of your teeth, but they also boost your confidence in social interactions. If you aren't satisfied with your teeth or smile, it's worth exploring the benefits that dental veneers can offer. […]

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November 7, 2023
Am I a Candidate for Smile Makeover?

You’re not alone if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile. According to a survey the American Association of Orthodontists commissioned, approximately one-third of American adults share your feelings. You may not have to live with a smile you’re less-than-satisfied with. A cosmetic dentist could provide you with a smile makeover that dramatically improves […]

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September 15, 2023
17th Annual Dover Sherborn Boosters Triathlon

It is that time of year again! The 17th annual Dover Sherborn Boosters triathlon event is right around the corner.  The race will be held on Sunday, September 24th beginning at 8:00 a.m. at the Dover Sherborn High School at 9 Junction Street, Dover-Sherborn, MA 02030. What can you expect as an athlete at this […]

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August 17, 2023
Am I a candidate for Invisalign?

More and more people in need of orthodontic treatment are choosing Invisalign. This highly effective, discreet, comfortable option for straightening your teeth is becoming increasingly popular. However, it is not always the best treatment option for everyone.    If you’re considering Invisalign, you may be wondering if you would be a good candidate for this […]

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August 16, 2023
How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants are sturdy, long-lasting replacements for natural teeth. The dental implant post may last a lifetime with proper care, while the crown or denture on top may need periodic replacement every 10 to 15 years to accommodate normal wear and tear. Types of Dental Implants Single-Tooth Dental Implants Implant-Supported Bridges Full-Arch Zirconia Teeth Fixed […]

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June 30, 2023
Am I A Candidate for Dental Implants?

You may be hearing a lot about dental implants lately. They are a tooth replacement option for patients with one or more missing teeth. Whether you know someone who has a dental implant or you’ve heard about them some other way, you may be wondering if you would be a candidate for dental implants. Here’s […]

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June 29, 2023
How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns are one of the most popular treatment options for damaged and chipped teeth. Consisting of a small cap or cover that fits over your tooth, it restores both the appearance and the function to your broken tooth. However, one of the most common questions we get about dental crowns is how long they […]

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June 28, 2023
3 Options for Whitening Your Teeth

Along with having straight teeth, having white teeth is the best way to have the perfect smile. But things such as poor oral hygiene, bad diets, smoking, and accidents can all impact how your teeth look. Fortunately, through modern dentistry and technology, there are many different ways to whiten your teeth.   With so many […]

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June 27, 2023
How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

While there are many ways to replace your broken or missing teeth, one popular treatment option to consider is a dental bridge. A dental bridge consists of crowns that are put on the sides of missing teeth that act as anchor points for false teeth, known as pontics. These anchor points hold up the replacement […]

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April 30, 2023
Invisalign Day: A Day to Invest in Your Beautiful Smile

At Chang Dental Group, we believe that a beautiful smile is not only a confidence booster, but also a critical aspect of oral health. That's why we're excited to highlight our Invisalign Day, June 1st, 2023, a special event where we provide our patients with an opportunity to take advantage of significant discounts on our […]

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September 5, 2022
16th Annual Triathlon Event is Back for 2022

It’s back! The 16th annual Dover Sherborn Boosters triathlon event has returned after pausing for two pandemic years! This extra special race has been dubbed “The Sweet 16” and it looks like this sprint distance triathlon will be as thrilling as ever. The race will be held Sunday, September 25th starting at 8 a.m., with […]

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September 10, 2019
Facts and Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

With numerous advancements in the dental health industry, cosmetic dentistry has become more popular than ever. What’s also become popular is the inaccurate myths around cosmetic dentistry. Many people who are unhappy with their smiles turn to cosmetic dentistry. Many of them, however, backout paying heed to all the unwanted myths. Having performed hundreds of […]

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May 11, 2015
3 Ways Your Teeth Are Being Eroded By Acid

There are many ways in which your teeth can be worn down. When your teeth are worn down because of acid, dentists call that ‘Erosion’. When acid enters the mouth, it reacts with the calcium in the tooth enamel, leaving the enamel softer and vulnerable to erosion. This erosion can then turn into tooth decay. […]

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May 8, 2015
Getting a Whiter, Brighter Smile

A whiter, brighter smile has become extremely popular in the last decade. There are in-office treatments, at-home treatments, toothpastes, mouthwashes and even gum brands claiming to help whiten teeth, but what’s the best treatment for you? In-office procedures: A common in-office whitening procedure involves custom-made trays that fit the shape of your teeth. The trays are […]

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September 16, 2014
Ease Your Child’s Dental Fear With These 5 Simple Tricks

One of the more common phobias is definitely a fear of going to the dentist, and it’s not just young kids who get a bit cagey at the idea of getting in that exam chair. However, the dentist is obviously a much more confusing and difficult to understand process to a young mind. By using […]

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September 15, 2014

  BECCA PIZZI World Marathon Challenge Winner will be the guest of honor!   May 8th, 2016   Chang Dental Group is supporting the STRIVERS Mother’s Day 5K race in bringing out the best in the MetroWest Community. Start your Mother’s Day off this year with the “gift” of an early morning run with great company! […]

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September 15, 2014
A Response to the New York Times: You Probably Need Dental X-Rays

Dear Patients, This week, I read a New York Times article titled, “You Probably Don’t Need Dental X-Rays Every Year.” The author, Austin Frakt, argues that dentists tend to overuse X-rays for moneymaking purposes and, in doing so, expose their patients to unnecessary harm. I strongly believe this is a weak and unfounded argument. I would like […]

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